4 February 2016

Meet uCella

order missedMore than ninety percent of Dutch households buy online. And once they have, they do so increasingly. The largest growth is found in the group that shops online at least once a month. But the last mile in parcel delivery remains an issue. At least in the Netherlands, about 1 in 4 packages cannot be delivered on the first call and ends at the neighbors or a pickup point. This number increases to one-third of all packages in major cities. Frustrating for consumers, costly for delivery services and a barrier to the further growth of e-commerce. In addition, all those additional transport movements are a hefty burden on the environment.

The competition between couriers is fierce. Every penny counts. The media already predict the end of the free delivery. At the same time, couriers are constantly upgrading their service levels; evening and weekend delivery, also on Sunday, the same day or on a designated time… Doing everything to maximize first-time delivery.

uCella puts an end to waiting for the delivery or not being at home when it arrives. uCella is a smart, expandable parcelbox, that uses regular track & trace barcodes to unlock. These shipping codes are obtained from the confirmation emails sent by webshops and/or delivery services. The delivery person simply scans the package, unlocks the box and safely drops the package. Conversely, he can also pickup returns. When needed, a unique code inside the box acts as signature for receipt.

The parcelbox is linked to a personal webaccount and comes with a mobile app. Through the app the user receives instant notification of each delivery. If so desired, together with an image and/or voice message from the courier. Through the app, the parcelbox can also be shared within a household or with neighbors. Timetovalue handles the European introduction of this ideal solution for regular webshoppers who aren’t always at home.

Timetovalue is always interested to get in touch with potential partners for the further development and roll-out. The technology is modular and the form factor adaptable to specific requirements. Of course this also holds true for the SaaS platform with iOS and Android apps and APIs. Please contact us for further inquiries or visit uCella Europe.


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