11 July 2016


Reisbalans logoWorkaway was founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of Achmea, the Dutch ‘Ikea’ of insurable employee benefits. With our integrated Travel-balance (Reisbalans) services, we support the daily use of company- and sector-specific travel arrangements.

Our leading Travel-balance services include a multimodal trip-planner, multifunctional mobility-card and the effortless settlement of mileage and other travel expenses. With smart tracking, straight-through processing, intuitive dashboards and personal service. Our SaaS solutions focus on minimal administrative burdens, optimal ease of use and timely insight into personal travel behavior (mileage, costs and compensation). Our cloudplatform with mobile apps and related services is widely used for:

  • simple registration, approval and reimbursement of mileage and other travel expenses, including tax netting;
  • flexible and favorable facilitation of all forms of public and shared transport, without operational hassle;
  • management of personal mobility budgets, e.g. to encourage lease drivers to be more cost-conscious in terms of e.g. fuel economy and private use.

All our services are completely transparent and independent of mileage. After all, less mileage brings you the biggest gain. Whether the aim is cost control, sustainability, accessibility or employer attractiveness. Travel-balance provides optimal support for organizations that want to give their employees more flexibility and autonomy in business travel, without losing control.

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